A Handy Tool

When I moved to my house a few years ago, I bought a circular saw to do some basic repairs and build my garden and flower beds. Well, my old friend has given up the ghost and it is time to replace it. If you are looking for a tool that will help you cut through wood, a circular saw will do you good. If you are out to purchase a new circular saw just like me, I’m sure the several options in the market will make it hard for you to choose. Different saws have different features and accessories. Read this review to the end to find out how to choose the best.



This saw features a battery that can automatically change the voltage as you switch tools. This makes it one of the best circular saws in the market today. The saw also has an electronic brake that stops the edge once the trigger is released. Moreover, this circular saw features a brushless motor that takes full advantage of the durability and run times. The saw has 58000 RPM ensuring that it offers you the finest cuts. The 7 ¼’ blade of this circular saw can effortlessly hack via two inches and even the thick lumber in a single pass. The blade features an adjustable tilt that enables you to make beveled and angles cuts. The battery of this saw can easily work with Dewalt tools.


The blades of this circular saw are stress-free to replace

It is durable

Enables you to have fine cuts

The tilt of the blade is adjustable

The blade stops automatically once the trigger is released

It can change between two voltages and hence making it efficient


The saw does not come with extra batteries


Hitachi’s C7ST 15-Amp

Hitachi’s C7ST 15-Amp

This is another saw that you will enjoy using as you do the cuts. It features an inbuilt dust blower to ensure that you have a perfect line of view and clean work area as you do the cutting. The circular saw also has a powerful motor that enables it to handle cutting tasks that are hard. This ensures that you do all your cutting assignments minus having to purchase a different saw to do the cutting. The circular saw is made from durable materials. It features a base that is made up of aluminum and steel and enables it to last long. The saw also has scales that are easy to read.


The scales are easy to read

The circular saw is lightweight and this ensures that you do not feel hurt while working

The motor of this saw is powerful and this enables you to handle all the cutting tasks minus changing saws

The saw is durable and thus you will use it for a long time

It offers you accurate cuts

The work area is clear thanks to the dust blower that makes it clean

The handles are soft and thus lessening vibrations to your hands

It is easy to store


It does not spin fast


5007MG Magnesium from Makita

5007MG Magnesium from Makita

If you haven’t found the circular saw that you needed, this one from Makita might be the one you need. The saw features two inbuilt LED lights that brighten your line of hack to ensure you there is increased correctness. Additionally, the motor of this circular saw is powerful to ensure it offers you exceptional performance. This saw from Makita features magnesium parts that make it lightweight. As a result, you do not get tired fast while working. See the best contractor table saw reviews.



It is durable

The saw is lightweight allowing you to work for long hours without feeling tired

This saw’s scales are stress-free to read

It is easy to adjust

The work area is illuminated ensuring that you get see clearly and get accurate c

It operates quietly



It does not have a sawdust control



When it comes to making cuts, you need a saw that has a powerful motor and lets you have accurate cuts. Getting one that has an illuminated work area will make it easy for you to see everything as you cut. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the dust blower as it will help you have clear and clean lines. Read more here if you want to have the best hybrid table saw.

It’s Healthy for You!

I love to garden, and the bonus is that it is healthy too. Every autumn, the cooking advantages of gardening overspill into the kitchens. Our food store shelves filled with the several shaded fruits of the produce: healthy-looking jars of beans and tomatoes, excellent onion braids and garlic, winter squashes in rich greens, tans, and oranges, and put them away from moisture and light, containers of supporting beets, rutabagas, potatoes, carrots.

In a good year, the wealth and security of this bounty may fill us with satisfaction and peace. Gardening also provides some less noticeable, but possibly in the same way sustaining advantages, whether the patch is a small courtyard container, patio veggie patch or spot in a community orchard. It is no accident that patches aimed at collaborating fitness and curative have been turning up in nursing, prisons, hospitals, community, and home centers for displaced inhabitants and at-danger youth. It emerges that deep intellect of fitness you achieve from an afternoon pruning and weeding is not all in the head. Here are some healthy benefits so you can start creating your own.

Stress-reprieve and self-confidence

gardening team

In a Dutch study, two groups were requested to complete the demanding assignment. Later on, a single group cultivated for thirty minutes as the other read inside. The gardening team reported good moods and lower levels of cortisol as compared to the reading team. The stress hormone, cortisol, may encourage more than just attitude: constantly raised cortisol levels have been associated with everything from obesity, immune operation to learning and memory issues and heart illness.

It might be above the brain hormones triggering self-confidence marks for horticulturists: there is no further touchable amount of one’s influence to trigger a constructive alteration in the earth than to cultivate a vegetable from seed to fruit-yielding.

Heart wellbeing and stroke peril

woman in the garden

Gardening might be a single way to attain the goal two hours and half of the modest-strength practice every week, but horticultural offers a satisfying inspiration that makes it take place, not like a routine, which summonses links to hamsters in rolls. A huge Stockholm analysis revealed that steady cultivation reduces heart attack and stroke danger by thirty percent for those above sixty. Elevated beds can protect the joints and outspread potential cultivation years for elders, or any other person who prefers to garden more contentedly.

Ensure to live the limbs for about ten minutes in midday gardening: this will offer you adequate vitamin D to lower heart illness risks, different cancers, and osteoporosis. Those with the least Vitamin D levels might be increasing their dangers of dying of heart illness and other causes; and in many situations, excess time used inside is to be responsible.

Test it for thirty minutes of cultivation daily: In case your schedule will not allow you to fit in half an hour at a stretch, consider a fast fifteen minutes at sunrise and fifteen more after work. It is clear that a lot of sitting is perilous for your wellbeing; therefore, reduce it all you can with little jets of actions.

Hand adroitness and power

As we get old, lessening adroitness and power in the hands can slowly slim the variety of activities that are likely or enjoyable. Cultivation maintains the muscles of the hands energetic and supple, minus overlooked workouts like physiotherapist may recommend. A related study has stimulated rehabilitative schedules for stroke patients including cultivating projects as satisfying and productive means of rebuilding ability and strength.

Just Build Your Own

Women that want to garden should not wait to get them built but to get the tools and supplies and build their own. Raised patch beds, also known as patch boxes are ideal for planting small patches of flowers and veggies. They prevent passageway wild plants from your patio soil, avoid soil compaction, offer better drainage as well as act as an obstruction to pests like snails and slugs.

The bed sides maintain the treasured patch soil from washing or eroding away in intense rains. In most areas horticulturists have the capability to grow earlier during the season since the soil is well drained and warmer while it is over earth level.

Elevated bed gardening

Elevated bed gardening

Through the elevation of the level of soil, raised patch beds also lower back tension while twisting over to attend to the bed. It is mostly useful for individuals with a bad back or older horticulturists. And in case the bedsteads are constructed well, the horticulturist may be seated on the border of the bedstead when clearing. For other horticulturalists, this is the major advantage above all.

Elevated bedsteads are not similar to patch planters. Flowerpots are raised vessels which have bases to avoid falling out of the soil. Flowerpots undersides are planked, with other types of a partially-leaky material barrier which lets drainage. Elevated beds, though, don’t have bases; they are free to the surface, which provides the advantages of allowing roots of plants to go deep into the earth for existing nutrients.

Building an elevated patch bed

Landscapers may construct their own high patch bedsteads with corresponding simplicity. You will require to choose what sort of wood to utilize, how to high you prefer the bedstead to be, also, if you wish to construct the whole bedstead yourself or utilize pre-created comer struts which shorten the construction procedure and offer a safe comer that will not work loose with time.

The wood types to utilize

wood for gardening

In many situations, cedar is among the finest wood to utilize for garden bedsteads since it is obviously rot-proof. Western red cedar is usually utilized, however, Vermont white cedar, Juniper, and Port Orford cedar are also good options for outside construction assignments. Redwood is also great rot-proof wood, however, redwood is a very narrow supply. The period it will exist is reliant on the kind of cedar and the area climate settings. In our patch, we utilize red cedar for constructing the bedsteads, and a few of the beds have existed for fifteen years.

The tallness of the bed


You may construct the bed to the preferred height even up to thirty-six inches. The most popular height is eleven inches, that is the elevation of two heaped 2 x 6 inches panels. In case you have better soil under the bedstead, the roots will get deep as required to reach much nutrients and soil, therefore you may even have bedsteads that are just six inches. In case you wish to have a bed that is higher, keep in mind that when you go higher, the mass of included soil will contribute to heaviness to the edges and bend them externally.